Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Semester 4 Essay

“The Raft” by S.A. Bodeen is a book about a 15 year old girl named Robie who lived on an island named Midway, near Hawaii. She was home-schooled and studied animals and outdoors for fun. She had to visit her Aunt named AJ in Hawaii. When she arrived she enjoyed watching TV because in Midway the internet connection was very bad. She also went to the cheesecake factory once.  She got a nose piercing on her flight to Hawaii by a stranger with a green mohawk which meant she couldn't get into water for a month because the chances of it getting infected are higher. AJ had to go on a work trip and Robie convinced her to leave her alone at the hotel where her Aunt lives. Once Robie was there for a few days she wanted to go back home because she had nothing to do.  She didn’t tell AJ.  She tried to call her parents but they didn’t pick up the phone.  So she walked to the airport because she didn’t have a ride and got on the flight. She was surprised that the flight had lots of turbulence. It turns out they were in the middle of a storm.  The pilots decided to land the plane into the ocean.  Water came splashing into the plane. Only two people survived the crash, which were Max, the co-pilot, and Robie.  A raft ejected out of the plane on impact. Max then helps Robie into the raft. In the book it said “REMEMBER! 5. Do not eat, unless water is available”. It is one of the rules in Max’s survival book.That is important because you should follow directions, especially if your life is on the line, but she decided not to because she was starving. For food Max had a bag of skittles and Robie ate a fish. They drank water from the sky. They are forced to live on a raft and end up at sea for 14 days until they find an island. On the island Robie said “I don’t want to live that much, I told him Not that much”  said Robie. You should never give up and saying you don't care if you die is giving up. It was a long 14 days and she missed their parents. They camped out there until a NOAA Ship rescues them that was planning to go there for a mission to explore the island. Robie goes back home to her family were she was fine, but she will never forget this horrifying experience.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

6th grade 2nd writing summary

“Sunny side up” is a book about a ten year old girl named Sunny visiting her grandfather in Florida in 1976.  It is written by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm. Sunny was sent to Florida because her brother was bad.  He was taking drugs and on the Fourth of July he hit Sunny.  Instead of the trip to the beach her parents had planned, they sent her to her grandfather’s house, while they got her brother some help. Sunny met a boy named Buzz who loved comic books and they had many adventures. Here are two of them. One day they were going on a golf course trying to collect and sell golf balls for ten cents each. While on their small journey they encountered a tiny lake with a golf ball in it. Sunny ran into the lake getting it and then Buzz yelled “Big Al”. She looked at him weird and said “Who’s that?” she asked. “Look next to you” Buzz responded. She ran out of the lake in shock dropping the golf ball.  There was an alligator behind her. Another adventure they enjoyed on a different day was when they were venturing out and found an old lady yelling “Miss Sniff!”.  They then realized that “Miss Sniff” was her cat. They got an idea. Sunny remembered they had tuna in the refrigerator. She went back to the house to get the tuna out of the refrigerator. They placed the tuna down and waited. Then, they caught Miss Sniff. They returned the cat back to the old lady and she gave them a reward of one dollar. Then eventually other cats got lost, and the old lady recommended Buzz and Sunny for the job, and they started a tiny business. They decided to use their money at the Indian River restaurant where they could get five cent all you can drink orange juice. At the restaurant she was reading “Hulk” and drinking her orange juice.  She became sad and imagined her brother as a monster turning into the hulk. At the end of the summer, Sunny went back home and will remember her many adventures.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

6th Grade 1st writing summary by Ryan Little

"Darth Paper Strikes Back” By Tom Angleberger. This book shows a group of friends during their middle school years. It is a interesting book in my opinion. Dwight  is one of the main characters. Dwight carries around a paper finger puppet named Yoda. Dwight also gets in trouble a lot, especially with his finger puppet Yoda. Many people come and ask Yoda for advice. Dwight asked paper Yoda to show everyone he will catch a hummingbird hawk moth. Then Yoda said “A hummingbird hawk moth, catch it we will”. That moth is extremely rare, and they did indeed catch it. One day a popular girl named Jen came over to Dwight for some advice from Yoda. She is a star wars fan girl.  Jen asked the finger puppet Yoda for secret advice to get on how to get on the JV cheer leading team. Dwight responded with his finger puppet Yoda saying “Zero Hour Comes” then “Zero Hour comes, Prepare to meet your doom”. Jen got very scared and told on Dwight to the principal, then he got suspended for 3 days. His friends tried to dispute the suspension but failed and waited 3 days for it to be over. Overall, Dwight had a rough year and eventually there will be more and more finger Yoda adventures.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Volcano video

Today I made a video about volcanoes with screencastify. I wish when I recorded my voice wasn't so squeaky. I like my slides, and there wasn't too much background noise.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Welcome To My Blog

Hello, Welcome to my blog my name is Ryan, i will mainly be posting school work for my school. I am in 5th Grade. The school year just started and i am excited. Hopefully you will like the blog.